Adidas Ozweego

I was approached by Deux Wave to create some animations for the Adidas’s Fall/Winter Campaign  to update their iconic sneaker Ozweego. To communicate the excitement of the new generation and the rebirth of the 90s aesthetics, the visuals for this campaign feature glitch effects, hand drawn effects on footages, and graphics that reflect “process.”

Working with the talented team of artists, I got to create and “jam” with multiple animation techniques such as stop motion, analog glitching, cell animation, and fast-paced editing. 

Design Frames

Cell Animated Burn Sequence

Shoe Design 

Collage/Scrapbook Sequence

Ball Character Walk Cycle

Production Company- Not to Scale
Directed by Kristian Mercado

Deux Wave
Animation Director- Raymo Ventura
Animators- Jay Keeree, Ryan Putnam,
Rozz Zimmerman
Animation Intern- Ariana Williams
Hand Model- Rozz Zimmerman

Visuals Trung Bao from Fustic. Studio

Not to Scale
Producers: Katrina Lofaro,
Meredith Engstrom
Coordinator: Vida Ventura
Line Producer: Isiah Brightly

Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Producer: Dustin Grant

Edit Visuals - Reuter @bigbabyreuter
Post Producer - Maggie Flatley
Asst Edit - Danny Weeks
Additional Edit - Britt Bellamy
Niceshoes Colorist Phil Choe
Sound Human